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eN Education: Enlightening Nithyanandam based Spiritual Education ( eNBSE)


Nithyananda eN-education photoPlanet earth needs more and more people who are awakened and enlightened. The age group that transforms the fastest is youth.  We have created a brand new form of education, ‘enlightening education’ for children. This learning isbased on stimulation of non-mechanical parts of the brain, right brain activity-based experiential assimilation, activating multiple intelligence channels and most importantly understanding life solutions.

“I want the students to wake up like a flower, with deep love, and live with people who are meditators so they know how to balance themselves. The children will not absorb the negativity of the outer world and will maintain the purity of the inner world radiating Nithyananda – the eternal bliss!“–Paramahamsa Nithyananda


To create a quantum intelligent civilization based on consciousness, compassion, creativity and confidence in at least 10 million children


To make children spontaneous by awakening their intuition

To develop the children’s dynamic energy, so that they  learn how to maintain balance in any situation, and fully express their creativity, love and compassion.

To provide an integrated education that will instill and nourish the development of  the child’s inner calmness and outer world performance

Nithyananda Gurukul ( school inside ashram)([email protected])

Giving life to the sacred vedic way of education under the continuous guidance of enlightened master, Nithyananda Gurukul is a residential school within the ashram premises in Bidadi, Bangalore, India. The Gurukul provides a combination of contemporary and vedic way of learning, incorporating the best of the western and eastern education methods.

Course content includes: Cognitive ability, Language capability, Vedic lifestyle, Cultural orientation, Spiritual knowledge, Physical Dexterity, Right and Left brain stimulation etc.

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Nithyananda Vidyalaya (Schools outside ashrams) ([email protected])

Nithyananda Vidyalayasare co-educational, English medium schools founded across locations by the devotees of Swamiji. Nithyananda Vidyalaya is a home of knowledge designed to foster and kindle the natural intelligence of children.

eN-Vidyalaya – Weekend School ([email protected])

The three-hour weekend school gives prominence to character development based on consciousness rather than conscience. The program is based on universal ethical values that are common to all. Values-based education hinges on five prime principles – Love, Truth, Peace, Right Conduct and Non Violence. These values are taught through weekly lessons using several teaching techniques – Quotations, Silent Sitting, Creative visualization, Right brain activities/games, Song/Music, Brain Yoga, Story and Group Activity.

Inner Awakening Kids (21 Day program with enlightened master) ([email protected])

eN Genius is a 21 day residential program for children (aged 4-14) to awaken their innate intelligence. You will notice a measurable increase in your child’s performance. Click here to know more about this program.

Nithyananda education

eN-Mentoring (Teacher Training) ([email protected])

The Mentor training program features

  • Innovative series of highly interactive workshops
  • Techniques for successful mentoring
  • Learn how brain forms the mind
  • Performance based evaluation
  • Quantum Memory Program
  • Theory and Research in children developmental milestone
  • Working with the Genius
  • Creative and innovative ways of guiding the lessons

eN-Parenting (Parental orientation and training) [email protected]

In a life filled with unlimited amounts of stress and expectations, parents need all the help to bring up their children. The eNParenting is a parental training program designed to help current and future parents with the necessary knowledge, tools and techniques to raise happy children in a stress free environment.