Make A Difference

Make a difference.

Immerse in the bliss of causeless love.

Help spread smiles on the faces of children.

What if…… you could change someone’s life and destiny? What if you could give the gift of genius to an unfolding young child? What if you could support the creation of a new Einstein, a new DaVinci?

Our first reaction to such a query might be that geniuses are born, not created. Yet present-day research has told us much about the nature of genius, and the world now understands that each of us holds a sleeping genius within.

Here are some annual opportunities for you to make a difference:

Nithyananda Gurukul Fellowship

Nithyananda Merit Scholarship

Nithyananda Educational Endowment Fund

Nithyananda Life Solutions Grant

Nithyananda Vidyalaya Rural School Fund

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